How to choose the right kitchen sink … !

When you think about it, there are very few features in the home that are used more then the kitchen sink. And no other item in your home performs as many different tasks? Some people can argue that selecting a kitchen sink is one of the most important kitchen choices you will make — and it’s a decision that will affect your daily life for many years to come. So the question you want to ask is – how do I choose the right kitchen sink? Here are some ideas to consider:

Double basins are the way to go for me.  I love the flexibility and the options are limitless.

1. A large, single sink.

Pros: A single, deep basin means you can easily soak or wash a big pan or prep large quantities of food.

Cons: Rinsing vegetables while soaking a large casserole dish requires a bit of juggling — as does hand washing and rinsing china or stemware.

At Vineyard Chic Kitchens we can help you choose because your lifestyle has to be considered.  Over the years kitchen sinks have grown wider, deeper and more diverse and there’s so much more to choose from now.

These days most of people opt for a single, deep basin that is 33 to 36 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches deep. This kind of sink is very versatile. It works whether you cook a lot or not much.  The problem with a single bowl is you have to change your cleaning technique as the garbage disposal is in the same bowl.  Cleaning scraps off a plate when the bowl is full of water now has to be done over the trash basket.  I’ve also noticed that the water gets dirtier quicker and needs to be drained and filled again.

Most of the major brands of sink manufacturers come with all kinds of options but if you’re used to a double bowl having a single sink will take some getting used to.

2. Two basins of differing sizes (a 60/40 or offset sink).

Pros: Two basins allow you to perform separate tasks, such as cleaning dishes and preparing food, with ease. A 60/40 sink has one basin that is usually about 18 inches wide and another that is 14 inches wide. The idea is that you can clean up in the large basin and prep in the smaller one. Dual basins also come in handy when you are washing items you don’t want to put in the dishwasher (soap in one basin, rinse water in the other).

Cons: A smaller basin makes it harder to wash and soak large pans.  This is more of an issue then you would think, especially if you entertain a great deal.  Smaller basins fare nice because the garbage disposal is free to use at anytime but hand washing dishes can be a struggle.

For people who want flexibility, a double sink can be the way to go, because you want a new kitchen and you don’t want to change the way you live.

James McCarthy