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Pamela Coslet Interviewed for

Vineyard Chic owner Pamela Coslet

Image credit: Chrissy Barrett

Recently, Pamela was interviewed by the staff at According to their website, the Voyage Media team has been working hard to create a new type of media for our community. They think it’s important for media to more authentically represent the communities they serve. The website features stories about small businesses, mom-n-pops, and hole-in-the-walls. The team says they’re not snobs, but they’re not fond of most chains.  “We think independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and other risk takers make our cities exciting to live in.  We cherish the rebel spirit, we don’t think just a handful of large corporations should control all of our commerce and we think ‘smores with vegan marshmallows are better than normal marshmallows. We respect people and organizations that take the path less traveled.  We root for the underdogs and we almost never say no to pizza.”

At Vineyard Chic, we love that spirit of independence and appreciation for the road less traveled. So, Pamela was happy to share her story with the publishers. The interview includes some background on the founding of our kitchen makeover company and stories of our path to success. You’ll also find some fun anecdotes and sincere kudos for our team members.

Visit VoyageChicago to read the interview for yourself! Let us know what you think.

Pamela Coslet