Vineyard Chic Inspiration

Vineyard Chic Inspiration

I have to admit I struggled with the idea of sharing this story on our company blog. We’re not about patting ourselves on the back or bragging about how wonderful we are. But, as you can see by our headline, Vineyard Chic’s tagline is “Inspired Kitchen Makeovers.” We believe that great inspiration creates great results – not only in kitchens but in our everyday lives. Because we know inspiration can sometimes be hard to find, we work hard to provide it to our clients and our local community through everything we do. So, with that in mind, I decided to share the story in the hope that it will inspire one of you.

An Inspirational Necklace

I used to own a necklace that matched the bracelet I’m wearing in this photo. I was wearing it when visited Portillo’s Hot Dogs on Saturday. If you’ve ever been there, you know they usually come up with something to rhyme with your ticket number when they call it. The woman announcing orders on Saturday was so nice and apologized for not thinking of a rhyme for my number – 19. As we were talking, she asked me where I got my necklace. She told me she had survived throat cancer and wanted to get a necklace like mine because it would look good with the turtlenecks she had to wear. I told her I got it on sale at Macy’s. She wondered if she could find something like it at Walmart as she didn’t think she could afford to buy one at Macy’s.

As I ate my lunch, I thought about how many other necklaces I had at home and how much the one I was wearing might help someone else. I try to pay it forward whenever the opportunity arises – no matter how large or small the gesture. So, on my way out, I walked up to the woman at the counter and handed her the necklace. She didn’t want to take it but finally did. We both cried, and I walked away knowing that I made someone happier that day. I will smile each time I wear the bracelet.

~Pamela, Owner of Vineyard Chic

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